Here’s a quick list of what I intend to write about.

  • Invitation to Adventure (complete)
  • Outlining the initial plot (complete)
  • Preparing a conflict map (complete)
  • Preparing a relationship chart (complete)
  • Preparing a relationship map (complete)
  • Creating the villain track (complete)
  • Developing the location map and clue links (complete)
  • Completing the NPC list (complete)
  • Completing a reveal list (complete)
  • Completing the character hook list (complete)
  • Filling in the details
    • Location descriptions
    • NPC descriptions
    • Item and clue descriptions
    • Props
    • Describing the action
  • Pulp Character Creation (complete)
  • Weird Science Rules (complete)
  • Skills
  • Combat Rules
  • Dogfight Rules
  • Chase Rules
  • Pulp tropes
    • Cinematic action
    • Pulp Teams
    • Death Traps
    • Chases
    • Character deaths
    • Weird Science
    • Magic
    • Villain deaths?
  • Monsters
  • Campaigning
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